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Toxic Crops for Livestock was developed for livestock producers interested in grazing forage crops. Plants listed have been evaluated for safety in regards to metabolic or toxicity issues for multiple classifications of livestock species.

Grazing Management: Toxic Plants

Field Photo

Cattle Management on Limited Forage

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Canopeo Website

Canopeo is a rapid and accurate green canopy cover measurement tool. Use this app to quantify the percent canopy cover of live green vegetation for any agricultural crop, turf, or grassland based on downward-facing photos taken with your mobile device.

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GrazeOK is a user friendly electronic version of the Oklahoman grazing stick which allows fast and proper estimation of stock density, number of pastures, grazing and rest days by simply measuring plant height and canopy cover with a yard stick and inputting them in your phone.

First Hollow Stem Advisor aids in predicting when various wheat varieties will experience first hollow stem.


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This application is designed to help producers identify management practices for cow-calf operations when pasture is limited. Answer the series of questions to determine a possible management practices.

The Sensor Based Nitrogen Rate Calculator (SBNRC) is the only free on-line sensor-based N recommendation calculator in the world.  This web-based application allows farmers, large and small, developed, and developing to obtain reliable in-season N fertilizer recommendations for corn, spring wheat, winter wheat, sorghum, and bermudagrass without having to take a soil test.  All that is required is that farmers place a Nitrogen Rich Strip within each production field, prior to planting. 

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Citizen scientist application from the Earth Observation Modeling Facility at the University of Oklahoma. Field Photo allows students, scientists, researches and citizens to take photographs of their environment, geotag them and add land cover metadata and field notes. 

Graze OK

The Mesonet Cattle Comfort Advisor runs continuously monitoring heat or cold stress
on a year-round basis.

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