Stocking Rate Decisions and Pasture Management Considerations   

     -Hugh Aljoe, The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Nutrition and Management of Early Weaned Calves

     -Dr. Justin Waggoner, Kansas State University

Historical Climate Patterns in the Southern Great Plains

     -Albert Sutherland, Oklahoma State University

Evaluating Options and Response to Drought

     -Dr. Walter Fick, Kansas State University

Enterprise Flexibility

Genetic Trends and Climate Considerations

     -Dr. Dave Lalman, Oklahoma State University

Culling Strategies for Drought Management

     -Dr. Megan Rolf

The Enterprise Flexibility team formed as a sub-group of our Extension team, and was developed as a response to the identified gaps in the review of Extension materials. The series currently consists of eight videos, approximately 15 minutes in length, addressing topics such as historical climate patterns in the Southern Great Plains, culling strategies for drought management, and matching cow size to the environment.