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The Nutrient Tracking Tool is designed to assess the environmental and economic impacts of various management practices on water and air quality at the filed or small watershed level. 


Extension News

The Enterprise Flexibility team formed as a sub-group of our Extension team, and was developed as a response to the identified gaps in the review of Extension materials. The series currently consists of eight videos, approximately 15 minutes in length, addressing topics such as historical climate patterns in the Southern Great Plains, culling strategies for drought management, and matching cow size to the environment. 

Cattle Comfort Advisor

Watch these short video clips from various team members answering an array of science questions relating to the project.

Enterprise Flexibility

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Nutrient Tracking Tool 



Our Extension team works to synthesize research results into materials useful to producers, consumers, and other Extension agents; and deliver the latest science-based knowledge. The team also works to reach out to beef cattle producers and consumers to bring necessary information to help achieve their goals.

The team has reviewed Extension materials available to beef cattle producers and consumers, and is now creating an efficient database to provide access to the information. The information gaps in managing beef cattle forage systems in a changing environment are directing our current research topics.