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DeAnn Presley

Associate Professor, Environmental Soil Science and Management Specialist
Agronomy, Kansas State University

Dr. Presley is a soil scientist who works on a range of projects spanning both agricultural and suburban environments. Currently, most of her extension and applied research is on the topics of cover crops and the benefits that they provide, namely, on how cover crops affect soil health and crop production. Dr. Presley's research and extension interests include soil and water conservation, erosion control in both agricultural systems and urban/suburban environments, tillage and residue management effects on soil properties, bioenergy and biofuels, composting and application of organic materials to soils, providing education for onsite wastewater treatment professionals, and basic soil science education for youth.

Rendering is a common practice for disposing of dead livestock, but isn’t always an option for every animal or for every producer. Burial is an option, but it takes up space that you probably won’t want to dig back into someday. Composting is an inexpensive practice that when done correctly disposes of the body, kills pathogens, isn’t messy, and allows for a producer to recycle plant nutrients for crop production.  Manure composting can also be a good option for decreasing transportation costs for hauling, and is generally easier to handle. This webinar discusses the process, tips for success, and information about mortality and manure composting.

Death Happens: Composting Animal Mortalities

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