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​About the Speaker

Albert Sutherland

Assistant Extension Specialist
Oklahoma State University

Albert Sutherland is an assistant extension specialist working in the area of agricultural and horticultural weather applications. He has served as the Oklahoma Mesonet Agriculture Program Coordinator of its crop and livestock decision support tools since 2002. Before joining OSU Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, he worked for OSU Cooperative Extension as the Southwest District Area Horticulture Specialist. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and Certified Professional Horticulturist.

Cattle producers have always monitored their cattle to get a handle on weather’s impact. Now they have a tool that measures cold and heat stress levels. The National Cattle Comfort Advisor lets cattle producers closely monitor difficult weather situations and provides a way to measure severity and length of cold or heat events. This new tool uses four weather variables, air temperature, wind speed, sunlight and humidity, to calculate heat and cold index values. National maps are produced on a hourly basis at three sunlight levels. Past maps go back to January 1, 2016. Al Sutherland will cover some of the National Cattle Comfort Advisor basics and ways it can be used to monitor cold and heat stress extremes and changes.

New National Cattle Comfort Advisor

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