Dr. Brian Arnall

Assistant Professor, Precision Nutrient Management
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Oklahoma State University

Dr. Arnall’s extension, teaching, and research efforts are focused on nutrient management with an emphasis on site specific techniques. He works closely with extension educators and industry personnel to improve nutrient management practices that will lead to increased profitability for producers. He currently has several ongoing studies that are focused on fertilizer management of canola production. Dr. Arnall is also researching the impact of soil acidity on multiple crops and the impact of N management strategies on yield.

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Precision Nutrient Management in Forage Systems

The goal of precision management in forage systems is to produce the highest quality forage output while making the most efficient use of inputs.


Webinar participants can expect to learn:

  • benefits of soil testing;
  • contexts in which different soil sampling methods are useful; and
  • how precision management may impact yield in forage systems.

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