Jean Steiner 

How do you measure greenhouse gases?

Why should someone consider studying agriculture?

What do you study to help understand weather and climate?



What is the difference between the laboratories seen on television and your grazing research laboratory? 

What is your role on the project?

Describe the agricultural ecosystem.

How to you measure methane from an individual animal?


What is the different between weather and climate?

Dan Devlin

How can our individual habits impact the environment around us?

Several Great Plains Grazing team members were asked to share science facts in two minutes or less. Watch the videos below to understand more about the project.

Lake water quality can be impacted by agricultural practices in a different area of the state?

Rick Todd


Albert Sutherland

Speed Science

Describe some of your research at the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service Grazinglands Research Laboratory.

What is a greenhouse gas?

What impact does the ocean have on weather and climate?